Thursday, March 23, 2017

LATEST ISSUE: 105 - Table of Contents

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What are the circumstances in a person’s life that best help them avoid or overcome loneliness? For some people as they age loneliness is an ever-present risk. Mounting losses to social resources and deterioration in health increase the risk of experiencing loneliness.

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Together, tooth decay and gum disease lead to tooth loss and oral disability. In Ireland, about a third of older adults with ID have no teeth; a rate twice as common as in the general population. What is worse is that when older persons with ID lose all their teeth, they are very unlikely to have.....

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The importance of health and well-being is paramount to having a good quality of life. However, to stay healthy and happy into old age, and to experience good life quality you have to be an active participant in your own health.


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Frontline's special 'best of past 2 years' edition is here!Fully printable.For those that still enjoy a hard copy-Please pass it on.…/12/frontline-1016-digital-1.… Have a lovely Christmas...