Monday, April 27, 2015


Stephen Kealy

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Family is an essential fabric of who we are—understandings forged in so many conscious and unconscious interactions—an environment where we are engaged and given opportunities to experience warmth and tenderness—where children are challenged and they, in turn, challenge. Trust is burnished by active reciprocal engagement and its calibration reflects the many-layered nuances of family life. Such simple understandings as respect, warmth, looking out for one another, sharing, expressions of concern; while not taken for granted, these are recognised as vitally important to the human condition, and their absence is equally recognisable...

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This final print-issue of Frontline marks 25 years of publication—a total of 97 issues of the magazine! In the spring of 1989, as people entered the Brandon Hotel in Tralee for the AGM of NAMHI, two gentlemen were making a pitch for a new magazine called Frontline. Over the previous six months, John Saunders, Tony Darmody, Patrick McGinley, Chris Conliffe, Seamus Dunne, Patricia Walsh and Bob McCormack had worked with publisher Nick Maxwell of Wordwell to bring Frontline into being...

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So farewell then, Frontline magazine as we know it. It is twenty-five years since Frontline first saw the light of day and in that period much has changed. People with intellectual disability have moved out of congregated settings and into ‘ordinary’ houses. Many people have got jobs in shops, factories, workshops and service industries all over the country. Also in that time Ireland has become a multilingual, multiracial society. In short, difference has thrived, and in that space people with disabilities have become recognised to a great extent as the same as everybody else...