Sunday, February 14, 2016


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Poignant, beautiful, lyrical: these are words that come to mind when recalling Love | Loss | Life, an ensemble piece which ran in early November at the Axis Theatre, Ballymun, Dublin, starring users of St Michael’s House Service Dublin, and directed by Nicola Kealy of Rhythm Room, whose mission is making theatre accessible to all.

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This was the question asked to a group of people with intellectual disabilities doing a course in Independent Living Skills in The Discipline of Occupational Therapy, Trinity College Dublin. They live with either their family or in a hostel, or in their own apartments.

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This issue has a number of articles on the upcoming spring election. Politicians will be falling over themselves trying to convince constituents to vote for them, on the basis that they have the best contribution to make for our collective wellbeing. Their promises will be breathtaking but worth very little—as the nation knows from countless past elections.


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The ‘thinking’ and ‘reflection’ involved in Disability Psychotherapy can offer staff groups who work in services valuable space and time to reflect on their own work practice and share learning and experience with colleagues....