Friday, December 2, 2016

LATEST ISSUE: 104 - Table of Contents

swedish authors

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Vulnerable children with vulnerable parents Studies show that families where parents have cognitive difficulties, including intellectual disabilities (ID), are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. Both parents and their children often live under poor economic conditions, are socially isolated, have little or no access ...

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The Irish system and attitudes to people with a disability means that the only true advocates people with a disability have are more than often their parents. Remove parents from this equation, and what is left is the current appalling situation unfolding in the care system and the HSE.

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I have a real interest in services for people with intellectual disabilities growing into their full potential. Over the last while I have been asking the following question: What if an intellectual disability service could find a way to capture all of the voices involved in it ...


mark smith as king lear

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There can be few things more rewarding in life than delivering a night of theatre that captivates an audience as fully as Run of The Mill Theatre did tonight. A packed house was witness to a superb reworking of the great tragedy of King Lear. I dare say Shakespeare would have been