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Editorial: Issue 110 – Mental Health and Intellectual Disability – Spring...

I am delighted to bring you a special mental health and intellectual disability (MHID) edition of Frontline Ireland magazine. Among other articles of interest...

Developing Mental Health Services for Adults and Children with Intellectual Disability...

Mental health services in Ireland have been evolving over the last 12 years, in line with “A Vision for Change” (2006), a blueprint for future mental health services. Overall, there is much more of a national awareness of mental health issues and the importance of mental health promotion. In terms of service provision, the HSE and other organisations have worked together on significantly advancing the development of mental health services for general adult, older persons, children and adolescent populations, in line with A Vision for Change’s recommendations.

Mental Health of Intellectual Disability- Occupational Therapy

In this article I will describe the role of the Occupational Therapist in the area Mental Health of Intellectual Disability. In the first section I will describe the concepts behind the profession, and then briefly describe some of the assessments used. This will be followed by the largest section which will include a description of the interventions with case study examples. Finally the conclusion will bring each of these strands together.


Dublin Bus Press Release

PRESS RELEASE 17th MAY 2018 Customer Safety is the First Stop for Ireland’s Largest Public Transport Provider With almost 140 million customers carried last year, it’s no wonder...

Christmas Special Edition 2017

Frontline's special 'best of the year' edition is here! Fully printable. For those that still enjoy a hard copy-Please pass it on. Have a lovely Christmas everyone.
Susanna Abse and Dr Maeve Hurley

Ag Eisteacht launches ABLE programme to support frontline workers

Ag Eisteacht, a Cork-based charity, has launched ABLE, a nationwide, relational-based training programme to support frontline practitioners working in services such as the health,...

Postgraduate Courses in Disability Healthcare

DCU - MSc in Intellectual Disability Nursing Practice In Dublin City University (DCU)’s School of Nursing and Human Sciences, they have developed a postgraduate educational framework for nurses and .....
1990 front cover

What Day is it Anyway?

Blast from the past. 1990 to be precise. What Day is it Anyway

Research into Bereavement

Have You Experienced the Loss of an adult son, daughter or sibling with Intellectual Disability? The death of a son or daughter, regardless of their...

From the Archives:


Julien’s success story

The announcement at birth Coping with health problems Hearing problems Taking on too much The ultimate goal Julien was born in July 1983, in...
word mix

One Autistic Mother Struggles to Support and Advocate for her Family

I am an autistic mother to six autistic children. Like any other family, it is love and understanding that binds us, but our struggle to advocate, be understood and supported as autistic family members when work with professionals, therapists, schools has nearly torn us apart mentally, physically and emotionally. 

A dream to visit Hollywood comes true

I like to travel and I have been to lots of different places around the world. I have travelled to France, Italy, Spain, England, Wales, Australia and New Zealand my family. I also went to Greece in 2011, where I represented Ireland in Men’s Basketball at the World Special Olympic Games. ...


Back in the 1930’s, The New Deal was an imaginative but wholly necessary series of programmes enacted in America between 1933 and 1938. They were inspired and enacted by Franklin D. Roosevelt

Supporting People with an Intellectual Disability as Parents

The Irish system and attitudes to people with a disability means that the only true advocates people with a disability have are more than often their parents. Remove parents from this equation, and what is left is the current appalling situation unfolding in the care system and the HSE.

The Power of Positive Thinking

I attend Sunbeam House Services every day. I have a lot of friends that I care for. It is important to have a good relationship with friends. In the training centre, I do Art, Pottery, Computers, Horticulture, Woodwork, Literacy and Numeracy, Music, Drama, Hiking, Cooking, Sewing, Sports and Chair Yoga. I also go on trips and holidays.