Trip to Manchester

In late February, the five of us set of Amy’s biggest goal and visit Old Trafford in Manchester! For already two years it has been Amy’s goal to see Old Trafford and we were determent to achieve it. We decided that we are going to go to Manchester for a day, so it took a month of preparation to see how we are going to manage it. First, we contacted Manchester United fan club and informed them about our mission to “make a dream come true”.

A Short Guide to a Walking Intervention

Why walking for people with intellectual disabilities? Walking has been identified as an answer to sedentary lifestyles in national and international activity programmes accessible to many different populations. The World Health Organisation (2013) acknowledged walking as a core foundation for physical activity promotion in socially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups which include people with intellectual disabilities.

From Couch to 5k

My name is Ruth O’Doherty. I moved from the couch to 5k walk in 3 months. I used to be very unfit, I decided it was time for me to take charge of my health with the support of staff member Siobhan Curran.


Joanne O'Riordan

A Message from Joanne O’Riordan

Hi Everyone, Joanne here - I’m touching base with Frontline Magazine readers to let you know that my life story, “No Limbs No Limits” is now available on DVD. I’d appreciate it if you could lend me your support and buy a copy. I want to get a positive message out there to everyone about living with a disability. Here’s the trailer to the DVD:

Dublin Bus Press Release

PRESS RELEASE 17th MAY 2018 Customer Safety is the First Stop for Ireland’s Largest Public Transport Provider With almost 140 million customers carried last year, it’s no wonder...

Christmas Special Edition 2017

Frontline's special 'best of the year' edition is here! Fully printable. For those that still enjoy a hard copy-Please pass it on. Have a lovely Christmas everyone.
Susanna Abse and Dr Maeve Hurley

Ag Eisteacht launches ABLE programme to support frontline workers

Ag Eisteacht, a Cork-based charity, has launched ABLE, a nationwide, relational-based training programme to support frontline practitioners working in services such as the health,...

Postgraduate Courses in Disability Healthcare

DCU - MSc in Intellectual Disability Nursing Practice In Dublin City University (DCU)’s School of Nursing and Human Sciences, they have developed a postgraduate educational framework for nurses and .....
1990 front cover

What Day is it Anyway?

Blast from the past. 1990 to be precise. What Day is it Anyway

From the Archives:

Blue Rose

Olga is 7 years old girl with blue eyes and long hair. She loves listening to music, playing games and reading books. Her favourite movies are Frozen, Moana, Minions and Sing. One day she can give you lots of hugs and kisses and then she might tell you to leave her room and close the door when she is asked to clean her room. She can also be stubborn so often needs to be encouraged to do what she is asked to do.
Julien and family

Julien’s Hearing Problems

As I mentioned in my first article, Julien’s health problems took precedent over his handicap. His biggest problem after his digestive problems was his hearing problem. Julien suffered from fluctuating deafness. He had glue ear for many years, so he was fitted with an ear aerator each year which very often didn’t remain long enough in his ears. So it was decided to enlarge his external auditory canal to no avail. I was shocked when the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor didn’t suggest doing a hearing test to check Julien’s hearing capacity. I was told that the paediatrician or the speech therapist had to request it.

Julien’s work placements and training courses

Julien’s love of animals and in particular horses when he was young, led us to believe that he might have a future in that field. He used to go riding with his brother and sister on a day’s outing with a picnic and he took some lessons in a friend’s riding school.

Gerry Ryan – A Personal Tribute

It was with much sadness and regret that I learnt belatedly of the death of Gerry Ryan in October 2017 after a short illness. Gerry was General Secretary of the National Association for the Mentally Handicapped of Ireland N.A.M.H.I. from 1981 to 2001. N.A.M.H.I. is now known as Inclusion Ireland.

Julien’s success story

The announcement at birth Coping with health problems Hearing problems Taking on too much The ultimate goal Julien was born in July 1983, in...
word mix

One Autistic Mother Struggles to Support and Advocate for her Family

I am an autistic mother to six autistic children. Like any other family, it is love and understanding that binds us, but our struggle to advocate, be understood and supported as autistic family members when work with professionals, therapists, schools has nearly torn us apart mentally, physically and emotionally.