Sunday, August 28, 2016

LATEST ISSUE: 103 - Table of Contents

Simon Duffy

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Disability is not a tragedy; it is a fact of life. But often people’s experience of disability can be tragic. Disabled children and adults, all full of wonderful gifts and passions, can be treated as if the only thing important about them is their impairment....
Dolan Family

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It's not often that in life you get a chance to be involved in something that really captures your interest and your enthusiasm. Social Farming has for me, as it has for Miriam, Ben (14), Saoirse (12), James (11) and the rest of my wider family.

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Ah, Summer. Ireland’s annual dull, warm July has kicked in, and everyone is a little brighter, even if the sky isn’t always. For some...



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Caregivers unselfishly give so much time to tending to the needs of their patients that they can easily neglect their own health and wellbeing. In turn......