Brothers of Charity Services Galway receive council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) Accreditation


The Brothers of Charity Services in Ireland have been awarded the Council on Quality and Leadership Accreditation. CQL is a long.established international accreditation body for disability services. A team from CQL conducted a thorough and comprehensive review of the Galway services in June 2009. This involved an examination of all aspects of the services provided, and included interviews with individuals availing of the services and family members. CQL also spoke to people in the ‘wider community’ who interact with the services.

In responding to the CQL announcement of the Accreditation of the Services, Michael Reen, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Galway Services said:
It is a great pleasure for me, on behalf of the Brothers of Charity Services Galway, to accept the accreditation awarded by the Council on Quality and Leadership. I am especially grateful to our staff for their immense efforts and for their continuing successes in supporting the children and adults who use our services to achieve really important personal outcomes. I also wish to thank our CEO Patrick McGinley and Fiona Coffey and all of her colleagues in our Quality Enhancement and Development Department for their work, their motivation, their leadership and guidance throughout the accreditation process.

The Brothers of Charity Services are determined that every possible avenue is pursued to have ongoing evaluation of the services that focuses on the needs and priorities of children and adults who avail of the Galway Services. The CQL reviews focus on three fundamental aspects of service providers as follows:

  • Basic Assurances—which look at health, safety, freedom from abuse and neglect, rights and self determination from the perspective of the person and of the organisation.
  • Shared Values—which ask if the organisation has the values needed to provide quality services such as treating people with dignity and respect, supporting people to be involved in their community, promoting continuous learning and continuous improvement across the services.
  • Personal Outcome Measures—The CQL team measures how the personal wishes and expectations of people using services are planned for and met by carrying out Personal Outcomes interviews with a random sample of the people receiving services and their families.

The review team meet with people supported to see evidence of the service’s responsiveness to their needs, to see if the Basic Assurances and Shared Values described above are evident in people’s day-to-day lives and to get feedback from individuals and their families.

John and Kathleen Ryan, parents of Karen who is a resident in the Galway Services said, ‘Personal Outcomes has enhanced Karen’s quality of life—opening up the outside world to her (both day and night). The Brothers of Charity Services being accredited shows us as parents that the services are striving for an enhance quality service and that the organisation cares about individuals.’

Staff Member Frances Reynolds said, ‘Personal Outcomes is a tool which challenges us to recognise the limitless possibilities to enhance and facilitate a life of opportunity for those we support. This quality system enables us to think creatively and focus on the uniqueness of each person, seeing the world through their eyes where life is for living and every second counts.’

Patrick McGinley, CEO, said: ‘We have a massive responsibility to our service users and their families to provide a service which benefits the recipient and maximises his or her potential. This is difficult and challenging work for all involved and yet when we work together to achieve clearly.set.out goals and then achieve them, the rewards for all of us are immense.’

Marie Wolfe of the Service Users’ Council, Brothers of Charity Services Galway, said today. ‘The Accreditation gave an indication that change can happen and we can be part of it. We believe it highlighted what the service should be about and the next steps should focus on how we ensure people are a central part of all decisions that affect their lives. Our motto, ‘nothing about us without us’ continues to be the core of their work.’

For further information contact: Patrick McGinley, CEO, Brothers of Charity Galway Services, tel: 091.721400-


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