Monday, September 25, 2017

While Selective Mutism is not a concept that is familiar to all, it requires a positive, sensitive and practical approach. Here, Nicola Kealy finds a text that gives much food for thought when seeking an understanding of the issue…

This book is written from a personal perspective, and is very accessible for anyone with an interest in Selective Mutism (SM). Spread out over seventeen chapters, the book is full of insightful stories by people with SM.

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Reviewed by Jean Spain

Mc Loughlin Family at the launch of book “Pen & Palette” by graduates of the Certificate in Contemporary Living (CCL)

Pen & Palette is a book of poetry and paintings by people with intellectual disabilities who are past and present students on the Certificate in Contemporary Living Course at the National Institute for Intellectual Disability (NIID) in Trinity College Dublin...

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Reviewed by Darshini Ramasubbu

Caged in chaos is an insightful, articulate account of a teenage girl named Victoria and the effect of dyspraxia on her life. The book was the winner of the 2005 NASEN/TES Special Educational Needs Children’s Book Award. Whilst factually informative, the humorous and engaging style of the author makes this book both an interesting and funny read for anyone wanting to learn from a first-hand perspective how the developmental disorder can cause ‘chaos,’ particularly during adolescence...

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Reviewed by Sandra Rosieur, Counsellor, London

This book explores the personal and interpersonal complexities taking place within the therapeutic community, together with destructive processes that have external origins (such as governmental and health-care commissioning). These ‘attacks’ take place under the guise of policy changes, uncertainties around funding and commissioning, service cuts and, in some cases, they result in the closure of iconic services, such as the Henderson Hospital...

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Reviewed by Niall Power and Mary de Paor.

Orla Hannon (Co. Clare), Declan Murphy (Waterford), Gráinne de Paor Down Syndrome Ireland), Shaun Bradley (Letterkenny), Councillor Clare Byrne, David O’ Brien (Dublin), Pat Clarke (Down Syndrome Ireland) and Thomas Garry (Tullamore)

Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI) has published an 82-page guide to Dublin, funded under the Gruntvig Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. The guide is designed for persons with special needs—but it can also be useful for any city visitor. Twelve members of the DSI’s National Advisory Council devised the Dublin Smart Tourism Guide in the spring of 2013...

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Reviewed by Stephen Kealy

Bad News Book Cover

It is likely that anybody working with people with intellectual disabilities, at some time or another, has had to break bad news to them, sometimes perhaps in an unhelpful way. For some people with the intellectual disability, the comprehension of what they have been told may not be readily observable. Understanding is sometimes inferred...

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Reviewed by Seamus Ryan, PhD, Psychologist in Clinical Training, NUI Galway.

Motivation Book Cover

The Art and Science of Motivation is a guide for therapists and practitioners who work with children in health and educational settings. Its specific focus is on children at risk of developmental disadvantage as a result of physical, developmental or social disabilities...