Thursday, September 21, 2017
Frontline Issue 100

Clare Hudson examines a number of devices and applications designed to assist and develop technology skills for people with disabilities.

For many people, devices such as iPods and iPads have become an extension of their arm. They give us so much at the touch of a screen. They keep us up-to-date on the everyday movements and special events of those who may not be in close proximity....

In advance of the Fine Gael / Labour government’s “Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities”, Kate Butler of Thundercut Alley takes a look at independent living initiatives and opportunities for people with disabilities, and the barriers faced in accessing them due to systemic discrimination and the lack of consistency across services and planning.

This year, a 17 year old girl was given the brilliant opportunity of doing work experience at RTÉ, on the set of Winning Streak. However, because she was a minor and had an intellectual disability, RTÉ requested that she would have support with her.....