Friday, November 24, 2017

Self-directed support – lessons for Ireland – Dr. Simon Duffy – Centre for Welfare Reform

Simon Duffy
Disability is not a tragedy; it is a fact of life. But often people’s experience of disability can be tragic. Disabled children and adults, all full of wonderful gifts and passions, can be treated as if the only thing important about them is their impairment....

A life worth living

I was delighted to come to Inclusion Ireland’s Personal Budgets event in Dublin, as the new minister displayed his commitment to giving people and families in Ireland more control over their support.

What are ‘Personal Budgets’ and what have we learned from developments in Ireland?

‘Personal budgets’ means that funding, for supports and services, is provided directly to the person with a disability or their support network The aim of personal budgets is to give individuals more control over the supports and services purchased to meet their needs Families and advocates are very important when using personal budgets. Since this is a new...


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