Sunday, August 20, 2017
Frontline Issue 106

Kieran Murphy details a recent Irish High Court case with implications across the areas of disability, mental health and civil rights.

The jurisdiction of the High Court to detain people if they were a danger to themselves or others was extended to vulnerable adults in 2011 with the case of Health Service Executive (HSE) v. O’B . In that case the vulnerable person in question had a long standing history of what was termed “very challenging behaviour” and “extreme violence”.

Bernard O’Regan presents a consideration of an approach to leadership based on what matters to the person, and supporting frontline staff to focus on that.

Leadership and the ability to lead change has never been more important in the disability services sector in Ireland than at this time. The opportunity to make a real and significant contribution to the lives of people is great, but the challenges of a creeping bureaucracy and the rigidity of compliance have never posed such threats to that opportunity.

John Giles examines Complaints - what they are and how to deal with them…

At a social occasion some time ago a very upper-class lady, obviously of the better sort, rounded on my wife and exclaimed “are you a complainer?”. That incident has become part of family lore, but it’s a good question if you have a dependant or you yourself are at the receiving end of care services.