Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Establishing meaningful and fulfilling friendship schemes for adults with intellectual disability

‘The greatest gift of life is friendship’, said former Vice President of the United States, Hubert H. Humphrey. This is true for all of us, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or ability. However, research has shown that in comparison to the general population, adults with intellectual disabilities ...

Media Matters

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We have been in operation for the last two years. In that time, we have met many different people with Special Needs who have brightened up our lives and made us smile. We have worked with different groups around the country, in Duleek Co. Louth, Bray Co. Wicklow, Tullow Co. Carlow and Ballymun Dublin 11.

Moving Forward Must Involve Heavy Retrospection

Opening a folder can be an intensely intimate affair, as those in the social care field will understand. When reading a personal file, a life is seen lying between the hole-punched pages and printed lines of psychologist reports and care plans. In broad strokes, someone has created an image of a person within those documents.

Ag Eisteacht launches ABLE programme to support frontline workers

Susanna Abse and Dr Maeve Hurley
Ag Eisteacht, a Cork-based charity, has launched ABLE, a nationwide, relational-based training programme to support frontline practitioners working in services such as the health, education, probation, youth, child & family, disability and homeless services. The launch took place on Friday 12th May 2017 at The Nano Nagle Place in Cork. ABLE (Adopt a relational approach, Build, Listen and Empower), is an accredited,...

Postgraduate Courses in Disability Healthcare

DCU - MSc in Intellectual Disability Nursing Practice In Dublin City University (DCU)’s School of Nursing and Human Sciences, they have developed a postgraduate educational framework for nurses and .....