Monday, September 25, 2017
Frontline Issue 37

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Each of the 22 Standard Rules includes a number of specific instructions or proscriptions. Because of limited space, only the headings of the rules are given here. We hope to discuss them in more detail in future issues of Frontline.

PRECONDITIONS FOR EQUAL PARTICIPATION Rule 1: Awareness-raising States should take action to raise awareness in society about persons with disabilities, their rights, their needs, their potential...

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A review of Sunbeam House Training Centre's exhibition held in the R.D.S. in November 1998 by Fiona O'Farrell

Throughout the world, people with intellectual disabilities are dependent on family carers. This is especially so in childhood, but in most countries their care-giving...

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Fintan Sheerin traces the historical development of the values and beliefs inherent in ‘the medical model’ of learning disabilities nursing. In the next issue of Frontline he will expand on that model and outline his arguments for a new nursing model.

Introduction The discipline of learning disabilities nursing has seen scant attempt to explore the concepts underpinning its approach to care. Most recent attempts to do...

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Nicole Redmond of Advocacy Ireland attended the INFORM course which SIPTU ran last September, and Deirdre O’Brien is a student on the Music MAP Course at City Arts Centre in Dublin.

NICOLE Based on the long-standing trade union principle that ‘an injury to one is the concern of all’, the Irish Trade Union Trust (ITUT) has...

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Reviewed by Fiona Desmond, Clinical Psychologist, St Augustine’s School, Blackrock

Self-care skills and health education are vital for young people and adults with learning difficulties. However, accessing information which is clear, informative and which...

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Máiríde Woods is constitutionally uncomfortable with the hallowed halls of institutional thinking.

I spent six years in an institution. No, I wasn’t an orphan or a delinquent, but in the 1950s and ’60s many middle-class young...