Monday, September 25, 2017
Frontline Issue 42

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Reviewed by Alison Byrne, Senior Speech and Language Therapist, St Augustine's School, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

The Visual Analogue Self-Esteem Scale (VASES) has been designed specifically for use among people presenting with aphasia. It is an assessment tool intended to...

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Overweight is not inevitable for persons with intellectual disability, writes Rachel Brosnan who, as part of her clinical training, is looking at obesity in persons with learning disability in Ireland says Rachel Brosnan, Psychologist in Clinical Training, UCD

As a country, we will soon surpass the UK in the league of the most overweight nation in Europe. Obesity is fast becoming a...

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As part of her final year studies in the School of Clinical Speech and Language Studies in Trinity College Dubli last year, Ciara O'Toole undertook a study of attitudes to the integration of children with special needs into mainstream schools.

Helen Keller is quoted by Gash and Coffey (1995) as saying that 'The heaviest burdens of disability arise from personal interaction and not from...

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Research indicates that as many as 70% of children and adults with learning difficulties would benefit from speech and language therapy in order to facilitate the development of communication skills. Clothra Ní Cholmáin and Margaret M. Leahy explain the role of speech and language therapists. Clothra Ní Cholmáin and Margaret M. Leahy, School of Clinical Speech and Language Studies, Trinity College, Dublin

Speech and language therapists are employed by health boards and voluntary agencies to assess, diagnose and provide therapy for clients who present with communication...

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Mary McEvoy has always wanted a mantra--has she `found what she's looking for'?

When the Beatles were communing with the Maharishi in India, I was changing nappies as I made my own contribution to the population explosion...

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Máiríde Woods studies a familiar Gospel story from the perspectives of present-day models of disability, and applies some lessons to our own time.

It struck me one Sunday recently that access for the disabled was the subtext of the Gospel story of the paralysed man. He arrives...

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Máiríde Woods considers the possibilities and limitations of legislation in advancing the cause of people with disabilities.

Change through legislation and constitutional challenge is the road that the disability movement has taken in many countries. With the publication of the Commission...