Sunday, August 20, 2017
Frontline Issue 43

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Respite care--at last becoming more available--is a complex service to organise. Máiríde Woods presents her wish list.

It seems that respite care is throwing off its Cinderella rags at last and becoming a real service; there’s a lot more money around...

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Reviewed by Patricia Noonan Walsh, Centre for the Study of Developmental Disabilities, National University of Ireland, Dublin

Among her personal belongings, Kathleen Fray left a box labelled 'Private: Keep Out'. Inside, she had written the name of a hospital near her...

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Poem written by Marie D'Arcy Murray Co-founder of 'Borderline, The Association for Parents of persons with mild mental handicap.

Others say 'How badly off you are.' I brought you home full of joy How perfect you looked, all four pounds of you You could not see;...

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As part of her final year studies in the School of Clinical Speech and Language Studies in Trinity College Dubli last year, Ciara O'Toole undertook a study of attitudes to the integration of children with special needs into mainstream schools.

Helen Keller is quoted by Gash and Coffey (1995) as saying that 'The heaviest burdens of disability arise from personal interaction and not from...

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The World Music Centre at the University of Limerick offers a Master of Arts programme in Music Therapy. Course Tutor Jane Edwards outlines the professional practice of a music therapist. Jane Edwards, Course Director,

Music therapy is a professional discipline practised in over 40 countries of the world. Music therapists are trained and qualified professionals and, in most...