Monday, September 25, 2017
Frontline Issue 44

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Desmond Swan, Desmond Swan, Emeritus Professor of Education, National University of Ireland, Dublin gives a brief overview of the changes in education for persons with learning disabilities over the past century in Ireland.

The Education Act (1998) has given an unprecedented guarantee of legal entitlement to appropriate education to every person in this state, including all those...

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John Harraghy, Head of Child Care St Augustine's School Blackrock Co. Dublin & Mary de Paor

SUMMER PROJECT 2000 AT ST AUGUSTINE'S 'Summer projects' began in the Liberties area of Dublin in 1973, when the Catholic Youth Council assisted local people...

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Reviewed by Lasarina Maguire, Senior Nurse Manager, Stewarts Hospital Services

This independent study pack is designed for frontline staff working directly with people with a learning disability. The course has been produced to support...

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New Millennium Research to Practice: 11th World Congress of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities (IASSID), Seattle WA, 1-6 August 2000

Once every four years, just like the Olympics, world experts on learning disability meet to share knowledge and pool information on innovations, breakthroughs and...

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Twelfth Annual International Conference of Irish Association of Teachers in Special Education (IATSE), Dublin, 8-10 June 2000-

IATSE's twelfth annual conference was held in St Patrick's College, Drumcondra, from 8-10 June 2000- Attended by over 350 people--including teachers, parents, psychologists, social...

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Mitchel Fleming reviews two recent articles examining services for people with an intellectual disability who are at risk of offending

Services for the relatively small number of people with intellectual disabilities who are at risk of criminal offending have been much neglected in the...

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Mark Harrold examines some of the less obvious issues that contribute to the occurrence of challenging behaviour in people with a learning disability. This article is intended for people who are working in the area of learning disability, but is also of relevance to parents and siblings.

'It was either rage or oblivion; I chose rage.' That's how Cathleen O'Neill explains her (most recent) campaign in support of her son Sean...