Monday, September 25, 2017
Frontline Issue 47

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Reviewed by Stephen Kealy, Director of Psychology, Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary Services

This publication of the British Institute of Learning Disabilities, in collaboration with twenty organisations of the West-Midlands Learning Disability Forum, offers a balanced overview...

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Reviewed by Peggyann McCann, Principal Speech and Language Therapist, Cheeverstown House

I was very excited when I read the subtitle of this book, particularly as I have learned a great deal about developing the communication...

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Gerard Quinn was one of the keynote speakers at the NAMHI AGM Plenary Session on 20 April 2001. Frontline prints the first part of his talk here, with a second instalment to follow in our autumn issue. Professor Gerard Quinn, NUI Galway

This article is not intended as an extended lecture on law and the possibilities of law. We know that law is not a panacea...

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Mary McEvoy and Mary Kate take pride in their Dublin inner suburb of Ringsend—'a small and quiet part of Dublin 4'.

Centuries after Cromwell landed and about a half-century after the Germans bombed it, Mary Kate and I moved to Ringsend in 1991. The area...

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Máiríde Woods' daughter Aoife died at home, in her sleep, one week before Easter.

This is the last of my regular columns in Frontline and I’m using it to remember Aoife, the cause of my coming to the...

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Gary Donohoe, MPsychSC, Psychologist in clinical training reviews a series of articles on the manifestations and diagnosis of psychiatric disorders in people with severe intellectual disability.

When is someone 'suffering from their nerves'? What are the signs that someone has a mental illness? While physical illness can often be easily...

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Gerry Ryan's Secretary's Report to the NAMHI AGM 2001 acknowledges four decades of advocacy and flags new directions and concerns for the organisation. This was Gerry's final report to NAMHI as its General Secretary.

When NAMHI was formed in 1961 it would have been inconceivable to imagine a time when the majority of children and adults with an...