Sunday, August 20, 2017
Frontline Issue 49

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Compiled from information from Valerie McCarthy and the Vela Microboard Association of B.C.

Last September, APT in Tullamore hosted a ‘Seminar on Microboards’. Presentations were made by Linda Perry and Jeff Moulins from British Columbia who represented...

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Several organisations provide personal support networks for individuals with disabilities. Two schemes which have originated in Canada are Circles of Support and Microboards writes Wendy Buchanan, Circles of Support

Personal support networks of Are you isolated because of the difficulties you face in life? Is it hard for you to become involved in your community...

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Tahir Saeed recommends that terminology should focus not on the symptoms of 'challenging behaviour', but on its causes. Tahir Saeed, Psychologist Child and Family Centre CoAction West Cork, Ardnageeha, Bantry, Co. Cork

Most concepts in the field of disability have come from broad, harsh terms such as ‘insanity,’ ‘mental retardation,’ ‘word blindness’, etc. The concepts are...

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Does the emphasis placed on the rights of people with disabilities beg the question of corresponding responsibilities? This issue is put into context in the following extract from the manual of The Council on Quality and Leadership in Supports for People with Disabilities—the US-based organisation whose Personal Outcomes quality system is being adopted in several Irish services.

People with disabilities have the same rights as all other citizens, unless certain rights have been limited by a court of law. Those rights...

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Next year, new courses will be offered in eight third-level settings to provide intellectual disability nursing training programmes at degree level. Michael McKeon explains

The Commission of Nursing, established in 1997, examined the role of the nurse in the health service and produced a report the following year...

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by Jim Jordan, St Augustine’s School

CNEASTA, the umbrella organisation representing people with disabilities and service providers in the area of training, development and employment, held its annual conference in...