Monday, September 25, 2017
Frontline Issue 51

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Although obviously framed in the context of UK social policy and administrative structures, British websites are a welcome resource for Irish browsers.

Contact a Family An invaluable source of information for families who care for children with any disability or special need, Contact a Family puts affected...

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by David Whelan, Assistant Planner, Regional Disability Services, Midland Health Board

The ‘Imagining Better’ Seminar held at the Tullamore Court Hotel on 22 April was organised by The Midland Health Board, APT, The National Disability...

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Mary McEvoy takes on the Status Quo and the Common Good in the elections and World Cup of 2002.

The Status Quo When I went to cast my vote on May 17th, I did not vote for the status quo. I wanted something different....

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The fundamental active ingredient and energising basis of positive advocacy is the ability of people to see past the grimness of much of everyday life, to a sense of human potential that has yet to be realised. Advocates are convinced that ‘better’ best arrive sooner rather than later. This concept is explored by Michael Kendrick, who was guest speaker at the APT/Midlands Health Board Seminar ‘Imagining Better’, held in Tullamore on 22 April 2002.

Pursuing the complaints and interests of disadvantages people is the common role of advocates. This ‘processing of grievances’ role occupies the attention of many...