Monday, September 25, 2017
Frontline Issue 53

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How can registers help service users, carers and service provider? What information can they provide, who decides who is included, and how do they operate? Dr Joanna Watson looks at these questions as they relate to the Leicestershire Learning Disabilities Register.

Learning disabilities registers are often misconstrued. Stigma and suspicions linger from the past––labelling, segregation, lack of choice. Most people now, however, see registers as...

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Reviewed by Flo Goslin, St Michael’s House Services Dublin

I found this book informative, personal and enjoyable. It covers the history of two Catholic convents in Britain that were home to a large...

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On the way to Santiago de Compostela, Hugh Nelson and other members of the L’Arche Community in Lambeth, London, learned about the real meaning of pilgrimage, and what it means to be able or disabled when the security of daily life is stripped away.

L’Arche communities are intentional Christian communities where people with and without learning disabilities live and work together. First founded in 1964 by Jean Vanier,...

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In his first column for Frontline, Mitchel Fleming ponders on the complexities of autistic spectrum disorder.

On the Saturday 19th October the Frontline Board met in the Little Venice restaurant to bid farewell and say thanks to Mary McEvoy for...

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by Angela Carney

17 November 2002, Cassidy’s Hotel, Dublin Borderline, the association which caters for those with a mild/borderline intellectual disability, held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday,...