Monday, September 25, 2017
Frontline Issue 54

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Having read the draft code to regularise and re-define sheltered employment in Ireland, Anne McCarthy, Stewarts Hospital Services, Palmerstown, wonders if perhaps it raises as many questions as it answers.

Background In December 1997, the National Advisory Committee on Training and Employment (NACTE) issued its report Employment challenges for the millennium (NACTE 1998). Noteworthy recommendations...

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‘Autistic people challenge us to perceive the world differently, think differently, feel differently, to stretch our imaginations to apprehend, even appreciate, an alternative world.’ (Clara Claiborne Park 2001, Exiting Nirvana, p.24) Authors: Oonagh Casey, David Coyle, Mark Matthews, Deirdre Molloy, Damian Polly and Sinead Stafford.

Savant is an interactive, artistic interpretation of the autistic and savant experience. The experience is not to be interpreted as one of disability but...

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Reviewed by Anne McCarthy, Stewarts Hospital Services Ltd. Palmerstown

Kathy Sinnott and her friends are the 23 contributors to this entertaining book. Many of them are established and recognised creative contributors to the...

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Reviewed by Inés Lalor, Senior Occupational Therapist, Cheeverstown House, Templeogue,

The authors of this textbook aim to provide discussion on the most pertinent areas for people currently working, or undergoing training to work, with...

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If someone wants to cut the purse-strings—first of all, they have to have access to the purse, and to its contents! Kathy O’Grady

The following two scenarios illustrate practical, personal finance issues in the promotion of community inclusion, autonomy and self-determination for adults with intellectual disability. Gerry (31)...

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Government policies in Ireland in recent years have begun to acknowledge the rights of people with disabilities—let’s hope this is not now being put in jeopardy writes Mitchel Fleming

The Celtic Tiger has bolted and austere economic times have returned. Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy has expressed dismay that the vast sums of money...

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Fundamental changes in both society and religious institutions are necessary in order for spiritual care to become a positive factor in personal support says Colin Griffiths, Lecturer, chool of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin.

The expression of people’s spirituality has traditionally been a feature of life in Ireland, with a very high level of weekly church attendance. Over...

Not everyone finds a partner for life; fewer meet him/her in their workplace—but it can happen!

Lisa and Stephen had both been trainees at Sunbeam House Services (SHS) for several years, but they didn’t really get to know each other...