Monday, September 25, 2017
Frontline Issue 58

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What can happen to a person with a mild intellectual disability or other developmental disability when they encounter the criminal justice system is alarming. Robert Perske, a freelance author widely known for his work on behalf of people with disabilities, particularly those who face the judicial system, has been intrigued with this topic most of his journalistic life by Kathy O’Grady Reilly

For over a decade Robert Perske followed vulnerable people on death row in US prisons—persons whose confessions had come too easily, and with little...

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Reviewed by Dr Ger Craddock, Central Remedial Clinic

New technologies are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives—in how we communicate, work, study or socialise. The Internet, computers, mobile phones...

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by Mick Kelly

Stewarts Arts Group was formed in 1998. We are a very dynamic gathering of Day Service staff and clients. Our aim is to promote,...