Monday, September 25, 2017
Frontline Issue 87
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Angelina Veiga explains exactly what disability psychotherapy is and how it can support people with disabilities - Angelina Veiga, MICP, MEAIP, MIPD is a Disability Psychotherapist and founder member of Disability Psychotherapy Ireland

Disability psychotherapy is an evidence-based treatment approach concerned with providing psychotherapeutic supports for people with disabilities. While psychotherapy has not traditionally been considered a...

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Joe Wolfe and Trevor Nesirky introduce the third in a series designed to support service providers in preparing for registration and inspection of their services by the Health Information and Quality Authority. This article focuses on conducting self-assessments and audit. It draws on Joe Wolfe & Associates’ extensive experience in conducting audits and reviews of over 150 services nationally. It also draws from the lessons learned from published reports of HIQA inspections of Older Persons Services, and from experience in working with service providers in that area who have undergone the registration and inspection process. The purpose is to provide practical advice, rather than academic comment.

Introduction/background The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) is the statutory authority with responsibility for setting standards for health and social care services and for...

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Mary de Paor listened to Christy Lynch at a recent staff conference of an Irish intellectual disability service organisation

Recently I had the opportunity to listen in on the staff conference of an Irish intellectual disability service organisation. Christy Lynch had been invited...

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The health and well-being of employees is intricately linked to the health and well-being of the organisation they work for. In this article Ciaran Leonard proposes the use of ‘Performance Appraisal Interviews’, as a tool to enhance employee performance, improve employee.manager relationships and promote a continuously improving culture of relationships within the workplace environment through greater communication and sharing.

Human resource management has evolved over the last thirty years and best practice now envisages how to support the employee in order to bring...

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Across the globe, organisations are questioning the quality of the supports and services they have been providing to people with disabilities. It has become painfully clear that few, if any, of the people involved in the delivery of support would choose to live the way that those receiving our services do. Hope Leet Dittmeier of Realizations LLC assesses the situation.

We recognise that new ways of supporting people with disabilities to live enviable lives are desperately needed. Many initiatives have been developed with the...

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Poor motor function, low motivation and poor social interaction make it even more difficult for people with ASD to be physically active, but with support, encouragement, and motivation anyone can improve their level of physical activity. Michael McKeon explores the benefits of physical activity for those with a disability.

Physical activity generally refers to exercise and physical fitness as important elements of a healthy lifestyle. Approximately 30 minutes of moderate physical activity is...