Monday, March 27, 2017
Frontline Issue 92
frontline 92


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by Stephen Kealy

Stephen Kealy

Late summer can be an exciting time for many 17 and 18 year olds as they take satisfaction in the points earned in their Leaving Certificates and look forward to attending a third-level college. For students disappointed in their exam results there are multiple educational and training options available to them—opportunities which will allow them to build a life for themselves independent of their parents...

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Zoe Hughes reviews a production which gives a creative outlet for those with a disability.

On 25-26 July, a unique, wonderful and completely sold-out production took to the stage in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin. Smock Alley has played host to many wonderful productions, but this one was slightly different. It was the culmination of two years of hard work for the members of The RhythmRoom Theatre company—a company that includes actors both with and without disabilities coming together to create something unique...

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Dr B Ramasubbu, Senior House Officer in Emergency Medicine, explains the chief obstacles and the ways to overcome them for patients with intellectual disability in the Emergency Department

All patients in the hospital emergency department are different. Tall or short, old or young, and each one will have a different experience. For those with intellectual disability, it can be a particularly frightening time. Tummy pain or headache, combined with unfamiliar surroundings, can make many tearful and upset. This potentially traumatic time can be eased by vigilant staff who are aware that subtle changes in their approach can make a huge difference to this group of patients and their overall emergency department experience...

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I read with interest your articles dealing with the interface between people with intellectual disability and the legal system. Most were very interesting. In relation to people with ID who are involved in childcare proceedings as parents, I think you might have mentioned the Brady circular which refers to such clients’ right to a support person to ensure their position is put in court and that they have an understanding of the legal process...

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Gráinne Berrill explains how the Walk Peer programme brings young people with disabilities into the workforce

WALK PEER Programme participants on work placements and jobsite visits.

Recent research in Ireland has shown that people with a disability are less than half as likely to be active in the labour market...

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Siobhan Cleary and Fergus Comerford, Coordinators of the Integrated Education Programme

Learners with their very first exam results

Six service users (learners) from the Daughters of Charity Service completed four semesters in the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB) earlier this year and the second intake of six have just completed their first semester. This project is a joint initiative between the Daughters of Charity and ITB...

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Mary O’Halloran explains the many functions that Step SE provides to many employment for those with a disability

STEP Supported Employment team, Minister of State Joan Burton, Sean Gallagher & Teresa Mallon Chairperson IASE

STEP SE, within St John of God Community Services Ltd, is an employment, recruitment and volunteering service to assist men and women to secure and maintain jobs and volunteering roles...