Monday, September 25, 2017

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Dr B Ramasubbu, Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, says that the flu vaccine should be taken by those with an intellectual disability this winter.

The flu can make us miserable. Fevers, cough, congestion and fatigue make even the nicest winter morning seem dark and gloomy. Muscle aches, joint pains and a splitting headache can leave us trapped in the house and stuck in bed. A terrible way to spend the winter months, especially with Christmas around the corner! The flu is caused by a virus (‘Influenza Virus’) that peaks in a seasonal pattern during the winter months and spreads from person to person through sneezing, coughing or touching contaminated surfaces...

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Karen Mings examines behavioural problems for children with autism relating to food and suggests fun and rewarding methods to resolve these issues.

Many children with autism have behavioural issues relating to food, diet and healthy eating. These include: —Self-restricted diet —Avoidance of unfamiliar foods —Food preference according to visual appearance...

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by Liz McKeon, Dublin City University

The enjoyment of good health is the key to a good quality of life. In this supplement healthy eating will be highlighted and how...

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This article by Professor Mike Kerr of Cardiff University has a look at how adults with an intellectual disability experience a complex set of problems with their health and health care, and some ways to meet these needs.

Pretty much wherever you look in the world a similar pattern is seen: people with an intellectual disability have more health problems, a high...