Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Independent Brokerage

Individualised Funding in Ireland: Identifying and Implementing Lessons from Elsewhere

Traditionally, public funds allocated for people with a disability have been distributed among service providers to deliver a suite of services to meet all personal, health and social care needs. However, recent years have seen a greater emphasis on, and attendant policy shift toward, what has been called individualised funding. I

My new life in my new apartment

Paul Alford
My name is Paul Alford. I have worked for Inclusion Ireland for the last ten years as a self-advocate. I believe in rights for all people with intellectual disabilities. I believe all people should live as independently as possible .....

Housing Stories

I feel like I would be better off outside of the area. I don’t feel safe in the area because there are some dangerous people there. There were threats being made, and the guards investigated and they asked if there were more threats afterwards. Two weeks later there were more threats made towards me. I said to the social worker “if you can get me out of the area I would be prepared to move anywhere”.

I Did It My Way! The PossibilitiesPlus Model of Independent Brokerage

Imagine that you could control all the money that the HSE now hands over to your service provider. Imagine that you could decide how best to use that money. Imagine you could decide to live an ordinary life!...