Saturday, March 25, 2017

Paul Alford shows the possibilities for decision-making and living an independent life in the community, available to people with disabilities with a positive attitude and support from helpful people.

Paul Alford

My name is Paul Alford. I have worked for Inclusion Ireland for the last ten years as a self-advocate. I believe in rights for all people with intellectual disabilities. I believe all people should live as independently as possible .....

Clare Hudson examines a number of devices and applications designed to assist and develop technology skills for people with disabilities.

For many people, devices such as iPods and iPads have become an extension of their arm. They give us so much at the touch of a screen. They keep us up-to-date on the everyday movements and special events of those who may not be in close proximity....

Eilish King shows us an innovative idea for recording, keeping and showing your treasured life experiences in electronic form…

Have you ever noticed that as we grow older it becomes harder to remember important stories and information about our lives? These memories hold lots of information about ourselves, and the way we like to live our lives. Life stories can be a good way of gathering up the stories and information about ourselves, so that we can make sure we continue to live our lives as we would like.

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Mary de Paor on an innovative course at DCU that brings three disability stakeholders together for service change

DCU course members

Issue 88 of Frontline (Autumn 2012, pp.18-19) included an article by Deirdre Corby in Dublin City University’s School of Nursing and Human Sciences, in which she described the development of an innovative course module enabling ‘three ordinary stakeholders of an intellectual disability service’ to bring about service change/improvement. This article offers a short account of the DCU course, from the perspective of a participant this year...