Friday, November 24, 2017


Employment survey: An inclusive research project

Work is one of the most important parts of life for many people. In Eolas, we are always discussing our jobs and experiences of the world of work. We decided to research these issues in more detail. With the support of the staff we decided to find out about where, when and for how long people were working.

‘ Your Power, Your Vote’

Dan Ryan
My name is Daniel Ryan. I attend Sunbeam House Services in Bray. In 2011 I made a video called ‘ Your Power, Your Vote’. The video was about politicians and politics and voting. I talked about how important it is to vote. I also spoke about how to vote and when you need to vote.


The main features of burnout are an overwhelming exhaustion, feelings of cynicism, frustration, anger, failure and ineffectiveness. Burnout negatively affects both personal and social functioning. It is associated with absenteeism, intention to leave the job and actual employee turnover- Burnout results in reduced employee satisfaction and reduced quality of care for service users. Rose, Jones, and Fletcher (1998) reported...


The first day of school is an exciting and important event in a child’s (and family’s!) life.  For children who use a mode of communication other than speech, along with the preparation of books and uniform will be the need to help prepare the school to support the new pupil’s communication system. Augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) Everybody communicates in their own way.  For some, this might mean using a mode of augmentative or alternative communication (AAC): ‘a set of tools and strategies that an individual uses to solve everyday communicative challenges’ (ISAAC). AAC supports include signs, communication books and communication devices.  Having access to a method of communication enables the child to interact, express their wants and needs and build relationships. AAC supports can be ‘’ or ‘’. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), speech output devices and some Apps are aided forms of AAC. Lámh manual signs are unaided, i.e. using Lámh signs doesn’t involve anything other than the person’s hands and body. For someone who has experienced difficulties with communication, AAC support can make a vital difference. Using a form of AAC can mean having the opportunity to experience more aspects of life, i.e. ‘participation, achievement, independence, inclusion and fun’ (Locke). Lámh signs The AAC system that some children and adults use is the Lámh manual sign system. Lámh manual signs (or key word signs) have been developed for use by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland. Manual signs can support communication in the following ways: Signs, being visual, can be easier to remember than what is heard. Signs emphasise small differences in spoken words, for example between ‘sleep’ and ‘sweet’ or ‘dog’ and ‘doll’. This helps the child to pay attention to these differences and so understand better what is happening in the...

Enquiry report on the human rights issues arising from the operation of a residential and day care centre for persons with a severe to profound intellectual disability

This report, published by the Irish Human Rights Commission, was published in March 2010 followed an inquiry into whether the state had fully respected the human rights and provided adequate facilities and services to a group of people with severe and profound intellectual disability living in the John Paul Centre in Galway. This centre has for many years been...


The current situation What term is used in the service you are most familiar with to refer to the people who access that service? One term in use is ‘client’, which suggests a relationship between a professional and a client—as in the case of an accountant or lawyer. Often, however, the reality has been one of ‘the professional knows best’,...