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one choir - one community - no divides - all abilities

Music Matters Singers

Music Matters GuitaristThese choirs have been proving to be a massive success in Dublin. The choirs emphasise the power of music to transcend differences such as disability, gender, age, education, sexual orientation, race, political affiliation, religious beliefs and economic status. Music Matters’ inclusive community choirs bring together people from all walks of life and unite local communities. Approximately 70% of their singers have a disability. Singers with and without disabilities learn from and work with each other. Choirs, one-to-one lessons and workshops are also available in your venue!

Music Matters Inclusive Community Choir was established in 2012 by musical director Gráinne O’Grady. The choir is drawn from all sections of the community and is for anyone aged 16 or over (regardless of disability, ethnicity, education, educational or economic status, sexual orientation, age or previous musical experience) who loves singing!

Subs: We require €10 per person per rehearsal. This is to cover our costs such as rent, insurance, directors’ fee, printing, practice CDs, admin…and of course milk, tea and biscuits! Please pay your subs on time. You can pay per rehearsal or for a month or a term in advance…this is a great idea for a present if anyone is asking you for suggestions!

Funding: If anyone has fundraising ideas, please contact Gráinne. The choir is currently self-funding, so fundraising events and subs are a necessity. We continuously apply for funding we are eligible for and hope we will eventually get funding and/or sponsorship. Any support, donations and fundraising events are welcomed!

Rehearsal Times: Wednesday 7-9pm: National League of the Blind, 20 Hill St, Dublin 1.
If you need any information or to discuss anything, please contact Gráinne: Tel: 087 980 3020


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