Our book of Rights

Stephen Brown, Adrian Hand, Frances Tynan, James Baxter, James McWeeney, St Christopher’s Services, Co. Longford.

Rights Poster

In April 2011 we got together with the help of Pat Maloney and Audrey Ryan and formed an advocacy group which talked about our rights. This group met once a week for six weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks a working group was set up, who worked on the signs and how we would tell everyone about our book of rights. We got the rights printed on a poster, one big and one small.

St Christopher’s AGM was on 8 November 2011 and we told everybody about our book of rights. James McWeeney opened the book of rights with his introduction and presented the right to make choices about my life and the right to speak up. Adrian Hand then presented the right to be listened to, and the right to have my say in service planning. The right to make a complaint and the right to have control over my money was presented by John O’Reilly.

James Baxter presented the right to be treated as an adult and the right to be treated with dignity. The right to privacy and the right to have an advocate to help me were presented by Frances Tynan. Kevin Brady presented the right to be safe and the right to protection under the law.

Stephen Brown presented the right to have information in a way that I understand, the right to try new things and the right to form relationships. Stephen finished by thanking everybody for listening.

Sadie Sorohan then unveiled our book of rights to all present, who gave us a big round of applause.

It was a very good achievement for all of us because we did not do something like this before. THE RIGHTS ARE IMPORTANT BECAUSE THEY HELP US STAND UP FOR OURSELVES. We will keep working on improving our rights.


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