People’s Page – Stephen Conlon


Hi, everyone. My name is Stephen Conlon.

I attend St. Vincent’s Centre on Navan Road, where I do a lot of activities, one of which is using the computer.

When I use the computer I use a Trackerball,

this allows me to move the cursor on the screen easily. I also use a special keyboard called BigKeys LX.

I like using this keyboard because the letters are easier for me to   see. I typed this article using the big keys.

The programs I used helped me learn to use the computer. FIRST KEYS program helped me learn where the letters are on the keyboard. BAILEY’S BOOK HOUSE helped me with my reading skills. I also used Microsoft word to practise my typing skills. To practise my number skills I used a program called NUMBER PICS.

I now am able to use the Internet. I use email to keep in touch with everyone, especially my family.

I love using the computer. It helps me learn new skills and practise the skills that I have learnt already.


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