Pouring My Tea

by Kathleen Cooley

‘Hello, my name is Kathleen Cooley and I am 73. I had a great party for my last birthday. I live in a house with six of my friends. My hobbies are knitting, making jewellery with beads, meeting my friends and I like watching television.

Liquid Level IndicatorI can do most things for myself, I like doing things without help. I love my cup of tea I like to pour my own tea. It is hard for me to see when my cup is full, I don’t like when I spill my tea. Now I have something to help me, I put it on the top of my cup, I pour in my tea and it makes a loud noise when the tea is at the top, then I stop. It doesn’t work when the batteries stop working. I like using it because I can pour my own tea and I don’t spill it.’

The above is a short description by Kathleen of her use of a Liquid Level Indicator – it enables a user who has a sight impairment to pour a drink without the risk of spillage. The device yellow in colour, it is placed on the side of a cup and when the liquid has reached the top a series of audible beeps and vibrations will alert the user that the liquid has reached the top. It requires a battery and is suitable for hot and cold drinks. (Stephanie Lynch, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Assistive Technology, Daughters of Charity, St. Vincent’s Centre, Navan Road, D7)


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