STEP Enterprises — Carol’s story

by Carol O’Reilly, Dublin


Lexi Houston, our Programme Manager, asked a group of mothers from STEP Enterprises to do a talk at the Inclusion Ireland conference in Kilkenny on the 20 June. We were going to be in Kilkenny for our annual mother and toddler respite holiday, so I agreed. I felt very nervous as I haven’t spoken in front of such a large group before. I think people learned from us and I enjoyed sharing my story. Here is my story so far.
When Andrew was born in 2004, I had a lot of support from STEP Enterprises and the community nurse. I had visits every week from the family support worker and my keyworker in STEP Enterprises. The Social Support Department in STEP Enterprises helped me to find a parenting course in my area and a community mother to give me practical advice. Now Andrew is three years old, and I don’t need as much support. I still have weekly visits from the family support worker. I feel I have built up the confidence and skills to manage on my own, but I always know supports are there when I need them.


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