The Power of Positive Thinking

Emma Kinsella gives us her experience on How to Stay Positive…

  • I have a healthy lifestyle
  • I practice positive thinking
  • There are lots of elements that make up a healthy lifestyle
  • Keeping active and learning new things are important
  • Socialising is a major part of a healthy lifestyle

I attend Sunbeam House Services every day.  I have a lot of friends that I care for.  It is important to have a good relationship with friends.  In the training centre, I do Art, Pottery, Computers, Horticulture, Woodwork, Literacy and Numeracy, Music, Drama, Hiking, Cooking, Sewing, Sports and Chair Yoga.  I also go on trips and holidays.

I work in a nursing home in the community and I play music for the residents.

It makes me happy when I help other people to feel better.

It is important to keep active and I do exercises every day.  I’m looking forward to trying out Zumba Dancing after Easter.  I like to keep a balanced lifestyle by going to bed early so that I have energy for work.

I practise positive thinking every day.

I focus on the good thoughts and to get rid of the bad thoughts, I type, talk, play music and do art to let them go. I also use a stress ball.

My tips for a healthy lifestyle are:

  1. Believe that friends are near, even if you can’t see them.
  2. Express your troubles by talking, writing and doing art.
  3. Do exercises every day such as going for a walk. On your walk, spot things that make you happy, for example, the sound of birdsong or the sound of the sea, or the smell of flowers and herbs.

Emma Kinsella is a new student in Sunbeam House Services.  Emma is a thirty year old woman who is visually impaired and multitalented.  Emma’s favourite hobbies are Art, Typing and Music.  Emma’s favourite bands are Stiltskin, Guns N’ Roses and Talking Heads.


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