A day in my life


My name is Sean Mc Donnell. I live in my family home in Salthill, Galway. I go with my bus driver to Active Aging five days a week. I get up around 8am and get ready for my day. I always feed my cat ‘Tiger’ before the bus comes.

When I arrive at the centre, I take part in a group about relationship skills. I enjoy this because we talk about things we like to do.

We also talk about our health and diet, which can be fun. One of my favourite things to do is art. I drew my rhinoceros picture for Frontline during art. I hope you like it. I find dinosaurs very interesting too and the staff help me a lot in reading and writing about them. I like to look up things on the computer about them also. I help out in the centre with jobs like dusting and sweeping the floor and I also set the table for break.

I find the staff very friendly and enjoy time with my friends.

I took part in advocacy training here in the Active Aging, which I enjoyed. I go for a walk most days with my friends when the weather is fine. I walk to the local hotel four days a week for my lunch. On Tuesdays I have my lunch out in town with the rest of the group.

I manage my own money. My favourite meal is lamb chops. Tommy my bus driver collects me after lunch and I go to my afternoon job of cleaning in the Mercy School. I really enjoy my job at the school. The teachers are friendly. I finish work every day at 3pm. The school is in Galway City so sometimes I go shopping in town and sometimes Tommy gives me a lift home. If I have a lot of shopping, I get a taxi home.

I make loads of phonecalls to family and friends, usually in the evenings.

Once a week I go to the Aisling Centre in Renmore and do art there, which is my favourite thing to do. I know a lot of the people and enjoy meeting up and having a cup of tea and a scone with them.

I am very proud that my picture has been chosen for Frontline magazine and I am looking forward to seeing it in the issue.


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