Advocacy Clinic

by Frieda Kavanagh, Sean Noonan, Kellie Cousins, Emer Torpey, Philip Kelly and Fiona Quinn. Trainees of SJOG Carmona Services, TRC Patrick Street.


On Wednesday 21 July 2010, Voices had an Advocacy Clinic in Mounttown Resource Centre. 83 people came from SJOG Carmona Services, SJOG Kildare Services, SJOG STEP Enterprises, Enable Ireland, Daughters of Charity Services, Cheeverstown House, Prosper Fingal and St Michael’s House.

The Voices Advocacy group Representatives helped people to work on the different activities. Roy and Aoife greeted everyone as they walked in and told them were they needed to go. Mandy and Dermot got everyone to sign in.

There were 5 different activities:

The Face of Advocacy
People brought pictures of themselves and glued them onto a big face. The people who didn’t bring a picture drew one and put it on the big face.

Making Choices / Voting
Mark asked each person to vote by ticking the boxes Yes or No on food, travel pass, house key, keyworker, transportation and relaxing. People ticked what they wanted and put it in the box.

Above: Mark Egan and Helen Bates work the ‘Making choices – taking a vote’ station. Frieda Kavanagh and Carol Ann Burke cast their votes supported by Grainne Anderson and Ian Bull.
Left: Hannah Byrne looks on as Cliff Pano casts a vote.

Eric and Sharon did a survey. They asked people to pick out the three most important things to them. Some things we asked people about were family, friends, holidays, food, boyfriends /girlfriends, money, basketball, respite, travelling and religion.

Fight for your Rights
We asked people to step inside the boxing ring and have a look at the pictures, pick one and talk about it. Fiona talked about money and holidays. Frieda talked about family and friends. Philip talked about respite.

Above: Jane Langan and Amanda MacAllister talking about the importance of having relationships.
Left: Philip Kelly in the ring for the ‘Fight for your Rights’ station.
People’s pages

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Paula McNamara, SJOG Carmona Services Rights Officer, talked about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Paula showed us pictures of all our human rights and talked about them. The day was fun. We met a lot of nice friendly people.

I loved the clinic because it had many different types of stations. My favourite was the survey station in which I had options about what I liked and what I wanted to do in my life. I also enjoyed the boxing ring were I could listen to other people tell their stories.
Nicola Donegan

My favourite part of the clinic was the Human Rights slide show that Paula did. Paula really explained the slide show to me and any questions I had she answered for me the best she could. I also did the survey station which I enjoyed.
Jordan Byrne