Advocacy Group

by Ray Alwright, Orla Daly, Mark Egan Self Advocates, SJOG Carmona Services, Dún Laoghaire


My name is Ray and I am the VOICES representative for Choices. My name is Orla and I used to be a VOICES Rep, I used to explain things about the meetings. I’m Mark and I was a VOICES Rep last year.

Our last VOICES chairperson retired after many years. We needed a new chairperson. We had to interview people for the job. We talked to people about the kind of person they wanted to work with. Our support staff placed an ad on the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown volunteer website. She also asked someone she knew if they wanted to apply for the job.

We had a meeting about what to ask in an interview. We wanted to find out what jobs they liked to do. We took notes.

Two people were interested in the job of VOICES chairperson. They sent us in their CVs for us to look at.

We sent them a letter to ask them to come for an interview. We had a meeting to practise having an interview. We practised introducing ourselves and asking the interview questions. We decided who was going to do what at the interview.

The next day was the interview itself. We asked questions. Our support staff helped us by taking notes. After each interviewee left, we had an important conversation about whether they should get the job and why. We decided they should both get the job and have to work together to run the advocacy meetings as a team.
We wrote to the interviewees to tell them they got the job. We posted the letters and asked them to tell us if they wanted the jobs. They both did.

We now have two new chairpersons of VOICES. Welcome, Martin and Tarik to VOICES. We look forward to working with you.


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