Andrew Murray’s Story

Andrew Murray tells us about his sucesses in College, sport and his busy work life. Work has made him more independent, allowing him to have new experinces, meet new people and build his confidence.

Andrew-Murray eating food
Andrew Murray was born in Hong Kong and moved to Dublin in 2000 aged 8. He tells us a little about his life and his different jobs which challenge him and gives him confidence.

Born in Hong Kong 7 April 1992.

Moved to Dublin in July 2000-

I have one older brother, James and a younger Sister, Lianne.

I love travelling and meeting people.

I play golf, table tennis and basketball with Blackrock Flyers Special Olympics club. I won a silver medal for golf at the national games in Limerick last year.

I did the CCL course in Trinity College from 2010 to 2012.

My Job

I work as a shop assistant in two shops, as I have two jobs now. I stock up the shelves and I work on the till. Every Thursday, I get a big delivery in one shop, and I have to put away all the products on the shop floor. On Saturday morning, I have to stock up shelves in the other shop at 6am. I put all the products away on the shop floor.

One of the shops is 45 minutes away from my house. I get two buses to get to work. The other shop is only a five minute walk from my house. I don’t mind travelling. I love different places.

I like my job because I meet new people and see the new stuff coming into the shop. I also like a new place to work in Ranelagh, because it has lots of nice food places, and coffee shops.

Usually I work with five other people in one shop, and only two people in the other shop in the morning on Saturdays.

My favourite thing about working in the shop far away from my house is that I get to see new scenery and be in a new environment. My favourite thing in the shop near my house, is that everyone knows me in the shop.

I got one of my jobs through my dad, who knew a woman in one of the shops. I emailed her a CV and a cover letter to apply for a job. She sent me an email that day, and said come for an interview in two days. The interview was excellent, because she said I had the job.

In the other shop, the manager asked me if I wanted a weekend job. I said no problem, so I didn’t have to do an interview.

Having a job means I have lots of challenges in work, which makes me feel more confident.

When he is not working two jobs and generally living a busy life where he lives on Dublin’s south side, Andrew Murray is a successful sportsman and medal winner in multiple sports at Special Olympics.