Artist in Residence Programme and Art Exhibition


John Kubiak 18 August 2008

Funding received from the Young Leaders Ireland Funds has enabled the National Institute for Intellectual Disability (NIID) to set up an artist in residence project. This has allowed students of the Certificate in Contemporary LIving (CCL) Course to attend a fine art module under the guidance and expertise of an artist in residence. In this class setting, students initially explored the concepts of creative art by being exposed to the various medium of fine art, such as print, paint, clay, collage etc. By developing and exploring this media under the guidance of the resident artist, students gained new skills and were enabled to communicate their ideas in ways that might be blocked to them linguistically.

Some remarkable artworks have been produced that have allowed students to see themselves, their families and their environment in a new and different light. Personal development of this nature and reflecting on this development has given students more awareness of their place in the world. On a practical level students have also developed an awareness of their skills and abilities and consequently this has opened up the possibility for each student to be a primarily creative being. The projects culminated in an art exhibition that took place in the Atrium within the grounds of Trinity College in March 2008. Some of the current students were exhibiting with past graduates of the CCL programme.

The artwork themes were various and covered issues such as independence, inclusion, family and personal growth. This exhibition was designed to attract public and media interest which will help inform opinion and change attitudes towards people with intellectual disability and the role they can play in society.

Artist in Residence Programme

‘Landscape’ by Áine Lawlor

Batik by Brian Byrne
Monoprint by Carmal Mulvilhill
‘Portrait’ by Elaine Gallivan

Monoprint by Brian Byrne

‘Portrait of Michael’
by Katherine Molyneux

Frontline 72 2008

‘Landscape’ by Elaine Gallivan
‘Famine’ by Grainne Lee

Monoprint by Aoife Mc Coy Moran
‘Yellow Face’ by William Deacy

‘Portrait of Yvonne’ by Jan Mahon

‘Fly’ by Áine Lawlor

‘Harmony of the Red’ by Jan Mahon

Monoprint by Brian Byrne
‘Dance’ by Áine Lawlor


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