Making My Home Work For Me Guidebook


The Assistive Technology Team, Daughters of Charity, Dublin (DOC AT Team) have put together a Guidebook for better access for people with intellectual disabilities. The guidebook was initially put together to help individuals who were moving from congregated settings into homes in their community. As it evolved, it became apparent that the guidebook would be useful to anyone in their existing home or when looking for a new home. Although not exhaustive, the guidebook offers some useful tips on organising a home to better facilitate the carrying out of activities of daily living and making a home safer to enable the individual to be more independent in their home

The book incorporates symbols to point out key information for people with visual impairment, for people who can be forgetful, for people with hearing impairment, and for people who use a wheelchair or have limited mobility.
For anyone planning to move house, this guidebook provides information that may help them, their family and carers in choosing their new home. An easy-to-use checklist has been provided to assist when looking at potential new homes. A list of some useful websites has also been included. More individualised solutions may need to be addressed by the individual’s clinical support team.

The DOC AT Team hope to have an easy-to-read version of the guidebook in the near future.

The DOC AT Team would like to thank the following individuals for the art work included the guidebook:

Front CoverAisling Boylan, Developmental Education Centre
Assistive TechnologyDeirdre Redmond, Skills Development Centre
Back CoverNathan Palmer, Josh Murray Nagle, Ryan Penrose, Mark de Haas, Lorna Curran, Caitlin Hassan and Trevor Aigbe, Class 7, St Vincent’s National School, Navan Rd, Dublin 7.

For more information about the Making My Home Work For Me Guidebook, please contact the Assistive Technology Team, Daughters of Charity, St Vincent’s Centre, Navan Road, Dublin 7

To read or download a copy, go to: (On the home page click, on the news tab, go to end of the page and it is under Publications.)


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