by Angela Carney


17 November 2002, Cassidy’s Hotel, Dublin
Borderline, the association which caters for those with a mild/borderline intellectual disability, held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, 17 November 2002 in Cassidy`s Hotel, Parnell Square, Dublin 1. Outgoing Chairperson Mr Tom Kinirons thanked everyone for coming and said he was not going forward for re-election. The subsequent election results were: Mary Fitzpatrick, Chairperson;Angela Carney, Honorary Secretary; Kay Conroy, Treasurer; Eamon Tierney, Public Relations Officer. Six committee members were also elected.

Mary Fitzpatrick thanked Tom Kinirons for all his work on behalf of the organisation and especially for his efforts in gaining charitable status. There was a lively discussion with regard to the current state of the organisation and how to progress. It was decided at the meeting that Borderline should become a nation-wide organisation. This project is to commence in early 2003. We would welcome anyone interested in getting involved in their own area. (Please contact the Hon. Sec.—details below.)

The meeting concluded with Mary Fitzpatrick saying that it was important to keep the membership updated on a regular basis and also to produce a leaflet to help create awareness of the difficulties facing persons with a mild/borderline intellectual disability. Work on this will commence immediately, and it is hoped to have the leaflet ready to distribute to everyone on the Borderline mailing list and to all relevant authorities, soon after Christmas.


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