COPE Foundation launches new ‘Ability @ Work’ Initiative


COPE Foundation has launched a new ‘Ability@Work’ initiative to invite and encourage Cork businesses and employers to work in partnership to open up supported employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This initiative was developed in response to the ever-tightening labour market which has excluded many people from accessing employment opportunities in recent years .Supporting people into work is a priority for COPE Foundation. Having a job and being part of the workforce is crucial to enable people with intellectual difficulties to live an independent life and reach their full potential. The Ability@Work initiative hopes to widen COPE’s network of supportive employers and encourage others to get involved.

What is the Ability@Work Initiative?

The Ability@Work initiative supports job seekers to secure and maintain employment in the open labour market. The skills and abilities of the job seekers are matched with the needs of the employers. Work placements are excellent tools to identify a person’s skills and abilities and matching their capabilities with the needs of the employer. The employer and the new employee will be able to access the support of a qualified and experienced Employment Support Worker. This will ensure that the ‘job match’ will continue to be successful.
Ability@Work offers:
■ Work experience opportunities in real workplaces
■ Workplace partnerships with COPE Foundation
■ Work placements, upskilling, and skill development
■ Opportunities for part time jobs
■ Networking opportunities.

How to get involved:
If you feel your business or someone you know can support us, please contact:

Marian Hennessy
Doras Training & Employment Development Services, 21 Penrose Wharf, Penrose Quay, Cork City
Tel: 021-4643160 mobile: 086-8057719