Daniel McCarthy’s story

by Daniel McCarthy


My name is Daniel McCarthy. I went to school at St. Mary’s, Rochestown. Now I work in Down’s Supervalu in Ballincollig. I work in the storeroom and I collect the trolleys. I enjoy the work because I get to meet a lot of people.

I am involved with Ballincollig GAA Club since 1992. I am actually a water-man there and I look after a lot of the teams in the club. I go to a lot of their matches and I enjoy it.

I like to listen to music and I got an opportunity to go to see Christy Moore last year in concert in the Showgrounds. I really enjoyed his concert.

I take two weeks’ holidays in August and I go away on day trips— down to West Cork or anywhere really. I am 32 and so it’s about 12 or 14 years since I was in St Mary’s School. I was in St Mary’s from the 80s and I left in 1991. It was a boarding school then because I used to stay there. I actually stayed there from Monday to Friday and I used to go home in the weekends. I didn’t like staying at the school at first because I was away from my friends. But I got settled in, in the end. I got on well there. I got on well with the teachers there and I knew a lot of the staff. When I was 18, I thanked them for my time there.

I attended the school reunion on 8 October 2005. It was a great day. They welcomed us and we got booklets and on the back there was a history of St Mary’s School. It was actually named St Declan’s before it was called St Mary’s. We also got a stone plaque that fits onto your cup.board. We got a bookmark as well with the name of the school and a photo of the building. I took lots of photographs and so did many others. It was a great day because it was nice to see all the staff and the teachers that we knew. We went around all the classrooms. We went into the kitchen and in to the dining area for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. Then we went upstairs up to where the dormito.ries used to be and where the new classrooms are now. We had a lovely Mass there and afterwards we went down to Douglas GAA Club for a chat and a dance as well.

Here I am again with Conor Hegarty and Michael Brown who is sitting down.