Anne Perry and Yvette Goslin met and became friends about a year ago at Work Options (a unit which supports adults with learning difficulties on the north side of Dublin). Pat Kelly and Flo Goslin spoke with Anne and Yvette about their friendship.


Anne, what age are you and where do you live?
I’m 44, and I live in Tallaght.

I’m 22 and I live in Coolock.

Anne, how long are you here in Work Options and what have you been doing?
I’ve been here a good while. I was at Templeogue Training Centre and transferred to here. I did a child care course and worked in two creches in Walkinston and Firhouse.

Did you enjoy the work?
Yes, I like children. I’ve got nieces and nephews.

Are you a great help with them?
Yes, I’ve got nine nieces.

You don’t work with children now?
No, not now.

Yvette, where were you before coming to Work Options? Did you do work experience?
Ballymun Training Centre. Yes, I worked at the airport in the canteen, putting out teapots and milk jugs and that, in one of the restaurants there. I enjoyed it.

What did you enjoy most?
Meeting the people, yes, I like people and chatting to them.

Yvette, what do you like about Anne?
She’s nice. She’s a great friend. She’s special—just like myself-

Do you tell her secrets?
Not really, because I don’t know her well enough for that.

Where do you meet and what do you do?
We meet in town. We walk around the shops. She buys a lot of things. She’s very good to me, she really is. She helps me with my money. She’s very good. I don’t understand money that well. We go to Roches Stores, maybe for coffee and a cake. I’ve a weight problem, see—I had to stop.

And how do you keep in touch with each other?
I have her phone number.

Do you ring every day?
Not really, no. I think she rings me more.

Who rings whom?
She does. We keep in touch.

Anne, what do you like about Yvette?
Well, I like Yvette a lot. I’m very fond of her. She’s a nice friend to have. I like helping her with things and I like keeping in touch—making sure she’s alright and if she has any problems, she can tell me. I do like her a lot.

I met her mother—she’s a nice person. I have a phone and I ring her some nights and she rings me and we’ll have a chat. Sometimes I talk upstairs—I transfer the call to my Mam’s room—because it’s chilly in the hall and I can’t really hear her with our telly on. So we talk upstairs sometimes.

What do you chat about? Do you stay on the phone for long?
I ask her how she is, is she well? Has she any news or problems, or anything like that. We talk for maybe five or ten minutes.

What is it about Yvette that you like?
She’s nice, she’s clean. She’s always tidy and looks well. Always laughing, good sense of humour—giggly. She makes me laugh when she starts laughing. I like her a lot. She’s good fun to be with.

Anne, would you like going away on holiday, you know, like when we go away on breaks from here? Would Yvette be the person you’d like to share a room with?
Yes, certainly, but I haven’t been on a holiday like that. Sometime it would be good to learn. My married brother lives in Killarney and they’ve asked me down. I still have a dog at the moment, and I have responsibilities for him. He is my dog and I have to be there for him. Yvette hasn’t seen him, I keep saying I’ll bring in a photograph and I keep forgetting.

Yvette, what would it be like here without Anne, say if she was away for the week?
I don’t know. It would be awful without her, sad. It’s nice having her here.

Anne, what about you, if Yvette wasn’t here during the week?
It would be sad and lonely—I’d miss her. It wouldn’t be the same without her. I know I’ve other friends, but it wouldn’t be the same without Yvette. We hang around together—stick together, talk together. Everywhere I go, I bring her with me. Wherever I’m sitting, she sits with me, sharing my popcorn or orange or whatever I have—I share with her.


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