At Glenvale we are constantly looking for different paths to help our client group attain their goals. They may have a profound disability, but they can still achieve many goals in their lives. We have to come up with new methods and ideas that help our clients to reach their full potential. In Glenvale we have many budding artists and they create some wonderful work, with no inhibitions. To facilitate the clients, we have an art instructor who carefully designs the brushes and equipment to suit their needs. This allows each individual to achieve success. The clients make the paintings themselves; they are only aided with the positioning of the paper or equipment.

In 2010 we were very lucky to be approached by Elavon, who are an American-owned credit-card transactions company based in Arklow. We had been looking at various ways of selling the paintings, when


Elavon offered to hold an art exhibition for us. We have been working closely with them since last October and this has enabled clients to go out on excursions more often, with full support—they and the staff of Elavon have forged great friendships. The art exhibition was set up in the foyer of Elavon and it was open to the public. It created a lot of interest both in the community and within the company. Within the first two days of the exhibition we sold 8 paintings out of the 14 shown.

This type of activity not only opens the work of the clients to a wider audience, but it brings two quite different businesses together.
Moira Roberts,
Unit Manager, Glenvale, Arklow,
Sunbeam House Services

‘Blue Owl’ by Ciaran Smyth and Fiona O’Hara

‘Molten’ by Conal Carney
‘Rooster’ by
Jason Hayden and Emil Schinkel

‘Purrrple Cat’ by Ciaran Smyth and Fiona O’Hara

‘Butterfly’ by Mandy Ryan and Fiona O’Hara