Introducing Disabled Women Ireland

Alannah Murray introduces us to the country’s first dedicated Disabled Women’s organisation…

  • Disabled Women Ireland is a new women’s organisation
  • We advocate for all women
  • We are always looking for new members
  • We are holding an open meeting on the 26th of January 2019 in Dublin
  • We can be contacted through twitter @DW_Ireland and by email:
  • Our website is

Disabled Women Ireland is a new organisation that advocates for the rights of all women, including transwomen and non-binary people with disabilities in Ireland. It is the first organisation of its kind.

Our mission is to be a national voice for the needs and rights of all disabled women across the island of Ireland, and to be a national driving force for change in improving the opportunities and lives of disabled women & non-binary people. We endeavour to actively promote the participation and inclusion of disabled women & non-binary people in all aspects of life; including social, economic, political and cultural. We aim to advocate on issues that disabled women & non-binary people are most concerned about; above all else, we seek to nurture and empower a network of disabled women & non-binary people so that they too can continue the fight for our rights. We are a non-hierarchical, non-profit organisation and our primary focus is the rights of disabled women & non-binary people being fought for and won.

For too long disabled women have continued to be a marginalised group within a marginalised group. It is our hope as a group that we will bring the issues faced by all disabled women & non-binary people to light in search of a more equal society not only for ourselves but for the generations that will carry the baton after us.

Born of the hard work of a small group of activists, Disabled Women Ireland hopes it will continue to expand into 2019 and beyond. We are hosting a meeting on the 26th of January in Dogpatch Labs in Dublin about the direction the organisation will take, and we are always looking for new members.

We are easy to find and even easier to join! You can follow us on Twitter @DW_Ireland with any queries. You can also visit our website,, where you will find all the information about how to join, our mission statement and our values.

Alannah Murray is a 22-year-old academic and one of the members of Disabled Women Ireland. They are currently pursuing a postgraduate Masters by Research in Creative Media; studying how Disability is represented in Irish Cinema. They have directed an award-winning documentary on disability in film, given a successful workshop regarding accessibility in LGBT+ social spaces and has also delivered a TEDx Talk on Disability in Society.