Reviewed by Flo Goslin


This little book is an invaluable aid for those working with and caring for people with learning disabilities. I have personally worked with children and teenagers for more than twenty years. During that time I have used photography, but only in a very limited way. What I loved about this book was the many case-studies which clearly explain the value of using photographs for each individual, for a variety of reasons. Included too is a practical step-by-step guide to the use of photography in a training programme. As the authors state in the introduction, the applications of photography in work with people with learning disabilities are many and varied. The samples offered in this book give just some of the ways in which photography can be used in empowerment.

The case-studies show clearly how using photographs helps to enhance a person’s emotional well-being; how photographs can help someone to distinguish one thing from another and to make choices about what they want or would like to do; how photographs can be used as visual clues in learning new skills; and how photographs can be kept as a record of experiences and achievements.

This little book is an easy read, but it is full of practical ideas and suggestions. The authors end the book with some important points to remember. They have years of practical experience with people with learning disabilities–Eve is a nurse and Niall is a teacher/lecturer. This book fuels the imagination.

LEARNING DISABILITY IN FOCUS: The use of photography in the care of people with a learning disability by Eve and Neil Jackson. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London (1999). ISBN 1 85302 693X. Paperback Stg£12.95.