Me, my talent, my music

Sofia Laureano-Schelten, Clinical Psychologist, Daughters of Charity Services, Dublin

kathleen mcdonagh

If there is something that Kathleen McDonagh truly enjoys, it is her mouth organ. Because music plays such a big role in Kathleen’s life, an idea emerged amongst the team that supports her: developing a project that involved recording Kathleen playing her mouth organ and compiling these songs into an album. This was seen as a great opportunity for celebrating Kathleen’s special talent and for sharing it with her family and friends.

And so the project began. Every week, Rasa Savickaite, a Daughters of Charity (DOC) volunteer, met Kathleen in her home and recorded her playing some beautiful Irish and other international tunes. After this, CDs were created, a CD cover and a label were designed and a launch party was arranged. Kathleen sent out invitations to all her friends and happily waited for the big day.

On July 18th, on a bright summer evening, Kathleen’s house quickly filled up with friends! Everyone was excited to hear the tunes that had been recorded as part of an album entitled ‘The fields of Athenry and other songs’ by Kathleen McDonagh. After a few introductory words and the opportunity for Kathleen to thank everyone for their presence, songs such as The Fields of Athenry, Wooden Heart and The Wild Colonial Boy vibrantly echoed in the room, and while some people were singing along, others were busy trying to take a picture with the artist or get a signed copy of the CD!

It was an evening full of joy for Kathleen and everyone present. Hearing Kathleen playing these beautiful songs is something that her friends are well used to, but what made this event so special was being able to leave the party with a copy of Kathleen’s album in our hands. Not only did Kathleen share her musical talent with all the special people in her life, her music can now reach out at and inspire other people, perhaps motivating them to also share their unique talents within the community where they live.


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