My Journey

Luke Finneran writes about how his dream to live independently became possible


I have lived with Walkinstown Association for a number of years. It was my dream to live on my own and to become as independent as possible. On the 10th of March 2008 I got what I always wanted and am now in my new home surrounded by my own family and friends and staff that support me to live my own life. I brought up what I wanted in My POM’s (Personal Outcomes Measures); my brother Liam gave me a lot of support. I worked alongside staff in achieving this. After many planning meetings and a lot of patience I got my dream. I have a support worker for 20 hours a week and another one for 5 hrs a week. I decide who works with me and when I need them. I say to people, take help when you need it. I have my own space. I decide my life. It’s my life.

To help me in my new independent life I set up a committee. They meet to help me achieve my goals and help me run my house.

Since moving to my new home I have made friends locally. A local family, the Brophy’s, have become great friends to me. I now help out at my church, doing collections at 12 Mass. I have joined the local Liverpool football fan club. I completed the RUA (relationship course) and I am starting a computer and a first aid course in September. I am a brother and I am very proud to be part of my family. I talk about my family on a regular basis. I am an uncle and I love children. I am a service-user rep for residential services. I go to Bingo locally. I have achieved a lot and want to achieve a lot more.

I made a DVD of my journey and if any person would like me to show it to them, you can e.mail me at and we can organise it. It shows all that was involved in my move. I would like to help others. I never lost sight of my dreams. Don’t lose sight of yours. It takes patience and time. Dreams can come through.