Reviewed by Kathy O’Grady, Senior Psychologist


My Voice My Choice is a series of five, booklets on advocacy, self-advocacy, money, rights, and bullying, with an accompanying CD-ROM. The aim of this publication is to promote the rights of people with an intellectual disability.
The CD-ROM and booklets are colourful, helpful, precise and concise. They are a good investment for any service setting for people with intellectual disabilities who endeavour to promote advocacy and self-advocacy and self-determination in their settings.

The CD-ROM is responsive and easy to use, as well as being fun and informative. Congratulations to namhi for producing this important document at a time when the NDA has launched guidelines in person-centred planning and there is a spirit of unison on the importance of civil rights and upholding self-determination. This information pack was given to a group of service users to elicit their feedback, which included remarks such as: ‘I really liked working with the CD. It helped me learn that the DA is my money and I can have it if I want to’, ‘I don’t like it when people shout at me … that’s bullying, like it says in the blue book.’ ‘I have my rights too, and now it is my turn to say so.’

MY VOICE MY CHOICE: Information Pack published by namhi (funded and supported by Comhairle.) Illustrations by Steve Simpson, designed by the Neworld Group. €50-


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