See my ability, not my disability,

See me for what and who I am,

Understand me,

I am an extraordinary human being just like you,

I can do many and sometimes more things than you can do,

Seek not to pity me,

And I will not pity you,

I seek understanding and love,

I give my love unconditionally,

So why can’t you

Just accept me for all that I am.

Don’t feel sorry for me for what I cannot do,

See my courage,

And you too will have the courage

To see my flame of hope,

And maybe you will see how I can teach you cope,

When all else is done,

When my battles are won,

We can by working together give this world a special gift,

When we Share the Feeling,

We can all get a much needed lift.

Paul Hogan


(dedicated to my very special nephew, Simon Boyd)

A depth of beauty unseen

Hidden beneath your simple soul

Smiling, happy, disabled

Comfortable without and within.

And what of us the beings of intellect?

Are our minds disabled by our blindness

To these special souls of Olympian stature?

These laughing guileless people

Loving and being loved as we never can

With our superficial needs and empty hearts

Bereft of niceness and self-knowledge.

Come, you wondrous champions into our midst

Overwhelm us with your capacity for joie de vivre.

Your endless enchantment and innate goodness

Shames us to the core

We of mind and body intact

Let us be taught by you.

As Missionaries to the godless,

You disarm and charm

And leave your mark behind,

Eroding the evil around us.

You are as rainbows in the fairyland

In darkness a multitude of lights,

Rekindling the spark that was our humanity

In a caring age.

Bewitching is your innocence and

Music your laughter to our souls.

You are the DIFFERENCE.

Barbara Boyd