Patricia O’Dea


My name is Patricia O’Dea. I am from Clonina, Cree, County Clare. I am in the Brothers of Charity Services in West Clare. I go five days a week to a day centre in Kilrush.

A group of six people from our centre make a radio programme called ‘Now We’re Talking’ on Radio Corca Bascainn, the West Clare community radio station.

It is on air once a month. We go every Tuesday to the station in Kilkee to record all the bits we prepare beforehand in our centre.

The programme has different parts. There is news from the centre and on disability issues, short story reading, interviews, documentaries and musical requests. I present the programme, do the links and interview people.

We have been doing this programme for over a year now, and have enjoyed it very much.

Last September I got a chance to go to the Community Radio Forum Training Féile in Cork University. I took part in some of the workshops and I spoke at a workshop on involving people with disabilities in community radio. It was a great experience; I met a lot of nice people and had a very good time. I also interviewed a lot of different people from all over the country who work in community radio and made a special report for our own programme.

We love making this programme because we get the feeling we are being heard, that we are not cut off from the community and that we are being valued as normal people.

I hope this programme changes the way people see us in the same way as it is helping to change our own lives.

‘Now We’re Talking’ can be heard once a month on Radio Corca Bascainn on 102.7 FM in the West Clare area.


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