by Charlie Molloy, Menni Enterprises, Bluebell, Dublin 12


I live in Clontarf and travel to my centre in Bluebell, where I work, each day. I use the 130 bus from my home to the city, and then I used to get the 51 bus to Bluebell. Most times I would arrive at the centre in Bluebell at about 9.45a.m.

I still use the 130 bus from my home to Marlborough Street, and now I can use the LUAS from Abbey Street to my work. I had been on the LUAS once with a few friends and a staff member the week before to visit another friend who was in Tallaght Hospital. So one morning I decided on the spur of the moment to use the LUAS to get to work on my own. I now get to work about 25 minutes earlier each morning and about 25 minutes earlier getting home each evening.

I can still use my bus-pass on the LUAS. It is always packed and one Friday evening I had to wait for the next LUAS to come along. I was still home ten minutes earlier than I would have if I used the bus from Bluebell to the city and then the 130 bus to my home in Clontarf.

On Saturday of the October Bank Holiday weekend, I travelled with my mother on the LUAS to the Square in Tallaght. It was the first time my mother had been to the Square and on the LUAS. My mother was very impressed with the trip and it was all thanks to the LUAS. I think the LUAS is providing a great service and all the road works and disruption has paid off.

The seats are very comfortable and if you have to stand it’s OK, because there are plenty of rails to hold on to, not like when you have to stand on the buses.

There is still some work going on in Talbot Street with the LUAS line, but when all that is finished I will hop on at Connolly Station, saving myself more time.