The Adult with Down Syndrome

Reviewed by Paul Horan, Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery


This is a very detailed and well-constructed volume relating to contemporary issues concerning adults with Down Syndrome. The book explores the challenges that society must address in meeting the needs of this group. The book, which is very detailed in its examination of the key issues, is divided into a number of sections addressing the following topics: Epidemiological aspects of the condition; genetic, biological, medical and pharmacological issues; cognitive and language aspects of the condition; as well as psychological, social, educational and professional issues. I have asked a number of postgraduate nursing students (on the Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Nursing: Dementia Care for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities course at the School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies, Trinity College Dublin) were asked for their opinions on this volume. The students’ views varied—some suggested that the book is very detailed and difficult to read in parts, while other sections were clear and interesting. No aspect of Down Syndrome across the life span is left untouched by the contributors. Despite the book’s title (referring to adults) a cradle-to-grave approach is evidenced. The book’s many contributors come from a range

of expert backgrounds from across Europe and the USA. The book was compiled as a result of the Second International Symposium on Down Syndrome which took place in 2002 in San Marino, under the patronage of the European Down Syndrome Association. Perhaps this volume provides a lesson for all conference presenters, researchers, academics and practitioners—showing the benefits of publishing the findings of research symposia in edited volumes to a much wider audience.

In summary, this a timely volume as the life expectancy of people with Down Syndrome is ever advancing. I would recommend this volume as an ideal reference text for all those working with and caring for people with Down Syndrome wherever they may be. The many issues it raises demonstrate the international transferability of subjects relating to this client group. This is a must-have volume for all educational establishments training professional groups to work with people with Down Syndrome.

The Adult with Down Syndrome: A New Challenge to Society, edited by J.A. Rondal, A. Rasore-Quartino and S. Salvatore. Whurr Publishers Ltd.: London (publication details needed—address or website, cost of book and ISBN.


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