The European Platform of Self-Advocates

by Ian Redmond


The European Platform of Self-Advocates (EPSA) would like to invite you and your association to become members of the European Platform of self-Advocates. EPSA is part of Inclusion Europe and consists of organisations of self-advocates. EPSA is run by a steering group made up of four self-advocates, who are elected at the general meeting every two years. EPSA is supported by the self-advocacy Officer of Inclusion Europe.

EPSA and the Steering Group have several activities which include:

  • organising conferences to exchange experiences. publishing a newsletter Europe for us!
  • providing information to increase people’s awareness of self-advocacy
  • publishing information about important issues at European level maintaining a list of self-advocacy organisations
  • publishing guidelines on topics that concern self-advocacy.

The following are some of the reasons why it could be good for your organisation to become a member of EPSA:

  • speak about your self-advocacy organisation in Europe
  • have contacts with other self-advocacy organisations
  • exchange information and experiences
  • receive information —about the work of other self-advocacy organizations —about the work of persons with intellectual disability
  • work together to help self-advocacy organisations
  • speak for all other self-advocacy organisations in Inclusion Europe

In becoming a member, you will also receive:

  • Addresses of self-advocacy organisations
  • Information about the work of self-advocacy organisations
  • Information about work done for persons with intellectual disability
  • All other documentation of Inclusion Europe

Furthermore, having become a member, it is possible for you to research information on the EPSA website as well as exchanging information with other members. You can also participate in the annual meeting of Inclusion Europe and other conferences organised by Inclusion Europe and the European Platform of Self-Advocates.


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